• No Fundraisers


    At LNC, you will never be asked to buy fruit,

    wrapping paper, cookie dough or coupon books


    Instead, we invite you to Invest in Excellence, where 100% of your contribution is received and used to directly benefit our students. 

    Public School Funding
    Lake Norman Charter students are not funded the same as other students, which means we must do more with less. The exceptional education that we enjoy for our children only happens with your partnership. Working together, we will continue that excellence by meeting our 2018-19 Invest in Excellence goals:

    • Purchase 4 updated buses for campus-to-campus shuttles, extra curricular events and field trips

    • Improve security at the middle school by relocated the visitor entrance and creating a vestibule with a second set of locked doors

    • Construct a shade structure over the HS courtyard to increase student and educational use and protect against sun and rain