Carpool Information 2020-2021




  • Parents are responsible for transporting students to and from school. Before the beginning of school, we recommend that you have a meeting of all drivers and riders to get acquainted, go over the carpool rules with kids, and design a schedule.

    Each parent should have a list with home, work and cell phone numbers of all drivers. Have two copies, one at home and one in the car. It is the parents' responsibility to notify the carpool driver if their students will not be riding in carpool that day due to tutoring, illness, sports, appointments, field trip, etc.

  • High School
    AM carpool drop off begins: 7:15am
    Building opens: 7:30am
    HS start time: 7:45am

    HS dismisses: 2:45pm
    PM carpool pickup begins: 2:50pm


  • Middle School
    AM carpool drop off begins: 7:30am
    Building opens: 7:45am
    MS start time: 8:00am

    MS dismisses: 3:00pm

    PM carpool pickup begins: 3:10pm

  • Elementary School
    AM Carpool dropoff begins 8:05am
    Carpool ends: 8:30am

    PM Carpool begins: 2:30pm
    **Do not arrive on campus prior to 1:45pm**
    Carpool ends: 3:00pm

    Late pick up policy begins at 3:15pm

    ES Carpool Map

  • Elementary School
    Building opens: 8:00am
    ES start time: 8:30am

    ES dismisses/Carpool begins: 3:30pm
    Carpool ends: 4:00pm

    Afterschool care: 3:30-6:00pm

  • Carpool During Hybrid Learning (Plan B)

Transportation Options

  • Lake Norman Charter provides the names and phone numbers of transportation services and after school programs that we know offer these services to our families. We provide this for informational purposes only and do not endorse any of them. It is the responsibility of the individual family to check the qualifications of their services. Click here for a list of transportation services/after-school care companies that serve LNC students.