• Our HS Science Olympiad team had an amazing competition in the regional tournament. The varsity team placed second overall, giving them an invite to the state competition in April, and our JV also represented us well with a fourth overall placement. Here is a photo album from the event: https://photos.app.goo.gl/jQCsHeNJ2bWkq75n6.

    Here is a breakdown of the events and placements:

  • Varsity

    1st place - Astronomy - Owen C. and Advika A.

    1st place - Dynamic Planet - Siddharth A. and Nidhi K.

    1st place - Green Generation - Tyra W. and Rishi P.

    1st place - Scrambler - Owen C. and Aditi V.

    2nd place - Flight - Advika A. and Violet P.

    2nd place - Forensics - Avery L. and Sam B.

    2nd place - Rockets - Owen C. and Ryan R.

    2nd place - Rocks & Minerals - Emily J. and Rishi P. 

    3rd place - Chem Lab - Avery L. and Rishi P.

    4th place - Cell Biology - Tyra W. and Jasmitha K.

    5th place - Bridge - Violet P. and Emily J.

    5th place - Remote Sensing - Caitlin A. and Advika A.

    5th place - Write it, Do it - Jasmitha K. and Sam B.


  • JV

    1st place - Scrambler - Kabir S. and Mithra T.

    2nd place - Bridge - Neil B. and Isaac J.

    2nd place - Rockets - Neil B. and Tejas S.

    2nd place - Trajectory - Akarsh K. and Panshul H. 

    2nd place - Write it, Do it - Isaac J. and Ella C.

    3rd place - Astronomy - Chitra G. and Ella C.

    3rd place - Chem Lab - Chitra G. and Roshini S. 

    3rd place - Flight - Akarsh K. and Panshul H.

    4th place - Dynamic Planet - Roshini S. and Ishanth P.

    4th place - Green Generation - Mithra T. and Sirisha V.