MS Carpool Change

MS CARPOOL CHANGE (Beginning Monday, January 13)

New MS Carpool Beginning Monday, January 13, ALL traffic (both North & Southbound) from the Middle School Carpool line will be directed around (not through) the Middle School parking lot (please see attached image). Access to the Middle School lot will be restricted to PTO / Elevate, Staff and Vans between 2:30 and 3:45pm. In addition, parents should NOT exit their vehicles or enter the Carpool Canopy Area.

If you or your designated pick up person does not have the Pik-My-Kid app, please be certain that they have the corresponding 3-digit number for each student they will pick up. Parents picking up students in tutoring, after school clubs and activities are strongly encouraged to plan their arrival to campus for 3:45 pm or shortly thereafter in order to reduce the number of vehicles in carpool. 

If for any reason your student does not reach your vehicle on the first call, drivers will be requiredto circle through carpool a second time with 4-way flashers on as they re-enter the “Announce Zone.” If this pattern persists for any period of time, please feel free to contact for assistance in troubleshooting.

Thank you for your support of our continued efforts to improve campus safety!