Week of March 7

3/7/22:  The team hosted their first match of the season against Country Day and Providence Day.  The Knights played a tough match in difficult conditions that included 20 mph winds. Tanner Stultz brought in the team’s best score of 44. Overall, the Knights lost a close match, shooting a team score of 197 to Country Day’s 187 and Providence Day’s 178.  

3/8/22:  LNC 10 - Charlotte Christian 6
A great game for the Knights lacrosse team!  Led by Elliot Jones and Preston Graham with multiple goals on the offensive end and by Kyler Boggess (goalie) with great saves on the defensive end, the Knights walked away with their first win of the year!

3/8/22:  LNC 8 - Charlotte Christian 1
Morgan Gadd pitched the complete game, hit two doubles, scored a run, and caught a line drive to end the game. Grace Hamlin drove in four of the eight runs and threw out a runner at 3rd base from center field with an assist from Silvy Schild. Kendall Ruffolo also made an excellent defensive catch and turned it into a double play with an assist from Mary Grace Brown. Quinn Clark and Sarah Negrete each scored two runs. Mary Grace Brown, Kendall Ruffolo and Silvy Schild contributed hits and scored a run each. It was a tighter game than the score suggests with five runs coming in the bottom of the last inning. 

3/8/22:  LNC 13 - Charlotte Christian 6

Andrew Matthews had 3 RBI’s and closed the game out with a dominant performance on the mound. Jack Costenoble scored 2 runs and played stellar defense in center field.

3/10/22:  LNC 2 - Covenant Day 0
The first goal was scored by Caroline Mercuri, assisted by Ella Kroger, with only 5 seconds left on the clock in the first half! The second goal was made by Alena Dudan, assisted by Kate Taylor. Special shoutouts go to London Stafford, the team captain, for her amazing leadership skills, Katie Robins for her good defense skills, Avery Newsome for following and keeping up with the ball at all times, and Katelyn Foskey for strong passing.The team hasn’t lost a single game and not a single goal has been made against them thanks to Makenzie Bunting's quick saves and constant defense of the goal. Great job undefeated Knights!

3/10/22:  LNC 3 - Covenant Day 6
The scores do not reflect how hard everyone played. Every player won at least two games--there were no shutouts for LNC. Our three wins came from No. 1 singles, Austin Cunningham winning 8-4, No. 2 singles, Rohan Manargudi winning 8-3, and Austin and Rohan winning 8-3 at No. 1 doubles. At No. 2 doubles, Anish Yadla and Neil Banahatti battled back from a 4-7 deficit to tie the match at 7-7. Unfortunately, they lost their match 7-9. In exhibition play, Ashrith Kattika dominated his opponent winning 8-0. The team gained a lot of confidence today!


  1. Austin Cunningham 8-4   
  2. Rohan Manargudi 8-3   
  3. Ethan York 7-9       
  4. Anish Yadla  2-8       
  5. Neil Banahatti 2-8
  6. Lucas Hubert 2-8       


  1. Austin Cunningham/Rohan Manargudi  8-3
  2. Anish Yadla/Neil Banahatti  7-9
  3. Ethan York/Lucas Hubert  3-8


  1. Astrith Kattika  8-0

3/7/22:  LNC 1 - Charlotte Christian 8
At No. 1 singles, Austin Cunningham beat his opponent 8-2. At No. 5 singles, Neil Banahatti played so hard but came up short, losing 5-8. At No. 3 doubles, Ethan York and Aaron Wang came back from being down 1-4 to tie at 5-5. They showed tremendous effort but lost the match 6-8. Overall, it was a tough 1-9 loss.

1.  Austin Cunningham  8-2    
2.  Rohan Manargudi  4-8    
3.  Anish Yadla  0-8        
4.  Ethan York  2-8        
5.  Neil Banahatti  5-8
6.  Aaron Wang  1-8        

1.  Austin Cunningham/Rohan Manargudi  3-8
2.  Anish Yadla/Neil Banahatti  0-8
3.  Ethan York/Aaron Wang  6-8

1.  Lucas Hubert/Astrith Kattika  7-9

3/10/22:  LNC 7 - Cannon 15
Jack Dalton had 3 goals and 2 assists in the game. Quincy McKay made 11 saves on the night. 3/7/22:  LNC 5 - Marvin Ridge 8 
Quincy McKay made 12 saves in the loss. 

3/9/22:  LNC 14 - Sun Valley 14
Despite the score, the team played well and highlighted several stand-out players while showing how a true team is coming together from this new group! Shout out to rookie freshman Olivia Zvanut who stepped up to play goalie in the second half of the game, coming up with four big stops for the Knights! 

Senior attacker Morgan Thomas showed out at the game with a 41% shooting percentage, securing 5 of the 11 goals scored on the night! Freshman attacker Ava Purser also pitched in a goal while being a well-rounded offensive player when redefending in transition, fielding 2 ground balls, and causing a huge turnover! 


In the midfield, senior and co-captain Mary Sorvillo put up 4 goals for the Knights while keeping them in possession of the ball with 6 ground balls, a turnover, and dominating the draw circle with an impressive 8 total draw controls! Junior defensive midfielder and co-captain Gaby Bernardo pitched in a goal, controlled 3 draws, and had 2 defensive knockdowns on the game. 


The MVPs of the night were rookie senior and starter Megan Wozniak who caused a big turnover, fielded 2 ground balls, and controlled the draw, along with senior rookie Victoria Saine, who hustled with every play on defense and has proven to be an effective asset in defending during transitions up the field. We are seeing a team coming together on the field, and looking forward to watching them grow in their skills and bonding as the season continues!

3/7/22:  LNC 19 - Mooresville 11
Standout attacker and freshman Ava Purser scored her first 2 career goals and played some midfield alongside senior co-captain Bryn Shepler who got 1 draw control, 4 goals, and 1 assist at the game! In midfield, senior Megan Wozniak came up with 1 draw control, 3 ground balls, 1 assist, and a huge turnover for the Knights along with senior co-captain Mary Sorvillo who had a great game and ended the night with 7 goals, 2 assists, 8 draw controls, and 5 ground balls! Junior co-captain and defensive midfielder Gaby Bernardo pitched in 4 goals along with keeping the ball in possession for the Knights by fielding 10 ground balls on the defensive end and in the midfield. 
The MVP of the game and returning senior attacker Morgan Thomas had 2 goals, 1 assist, and 1 ground ball while the other MVP of the night was rookie senior Georgia Chapman, who was a standout defender for the Knights, making big plays for them on the defensive end. This game brought out the best of the team that we have seen so far, and we hope to see more big wins for the team as their season progresses!

3/11/22:  LNC 8 - Carson High School 0
Starting the first half out strongly, Eliza Rich (Sr.) scored in the 5th minute with an assist from Peyton Lally (Sr.). Rylie Cook (Jr.) added another goal about 15 minutes later with a great diagonal cross delivered by Gabbi Soos (Sr.). To finish off the first half, Rich scored in the 30th minute with an assist from Kate Robinson (Fr.).

The Lady Knights kicked off the second half with 2 goals scored by Haven Stanley (Sr.) in the 44th and 53rd minutes, assisted by Rich and Kate Robinson. Four minutes later, Rich stole the ball off the opposing team’s goal kick and scored her third goal of the night, making the score 6-0. Rylie Cook was able to score her second goal of the night in the 60th minute with an assist from Soos. Closing out the game, Kayla Patel (Jr.), scored with an assist from Cook in the 66th minute.

3/9/22:  LNC 1 - Hough 5
The Lady Knights lost their first game since the 2019 state final. They remained scoreless at halftime with Hough up by three goals. In the second half, the Knights gained some momentum from Rylie Cook’s (Jr.) goal assisted by Asha Thamodharan (So). Unfortunately, that was not enough to turn the tide and Hough was able to put away two more goals in the second half.

3/8/22:  LNC 9 - Central Academy 0
Within the first 25 minutes, Eliza Rich (Sr.) scored two goals with assists from Haven Stanley (Sr.). Haven Stanley had her own goal 10 minutes into the game with an assist from Eliza Rich. Finishing the half, Zoe Stewart (Fr.) scored the fourth goal with only 28.3 seconds left in the half, assisted by Eliza Rich. 

Starting the second half strong, Peyton Lally (Sr.) scored the fifth goal of the game with a rebound off a defender. Asha Thamodharan (So.) then scored a beautiful goal in the 48th minute of the game with an assist from Lauren Laatsch (Fr.). Two minutes later, Lauren Laatsch scored her own goal with an assist from Hannah Mervine (So.). The Lady Knights continued their attack on goal with several shots taken. In the 68th minute, Zoe Stewart (Fr.) made her second goal of the night with an assist from Asha Thamodharan (So.) The last goal of the night was made by Peyton Conder (So.) and assisted by Izzy Stafford (Fr.), ending the game with a mercy rule.  

On a day where the winds were as high as 25 mph, the men continued their winning ways with another conference win at Irish Creek.  Senior Ben Bailey led the way with a 35 and senior Will Dalton along with junior Brady Rowland shot a pair of 40’s. 

Team Results:
1. LNCharter  158
2. MW Cabarrus  163 
3. West Rowan  167
4. East Rowan  177
5. Carson  177
6. Concord  180
7. South Rowan  197
8. Cent. Cabarrus  203

Individual Results:
1. Talan Harrison  NWC 33
2. Landon Merrel  ER 34
3. Ben Bailey  LNC 35
4. Ryan Masterton  CC 37
5. McGwire Owen  WR 38
6. Cade Cranfield  Carson 39
7T. Will Dalton  LNC 40
7T. Brady Rowland  LNC 40
7T. Jaden Sprinkle  ER 40
7T. Jackson Black  SR 40