Week of April 4

4/6/22:  LNC 13 - Davidson Day 17
The Lady Knights held up strongly against their opponent, even coming up to win the second half of the game by playing together!

In midfield, senior co-captain Mary Sorvillo controlled 2 draws, fielded 8 ground balls, scored 4 goals and pitched in 1 assist for the Lady Knights alongside junior co-captain Gaby Bernardo who fielded 6 ground balls, scored 3 goals, controlled 3 draws and pitched in 2 assists! Senior Megan Wozniak pitched in 1 goal and 2 fielded ground balls for the Lady Knights at the game!

On attack, senior co-captain Bryn Shepler scored 4 goals and fielded 1 ground ball! Senior Morgan Thomas also fielded 1 ground ball and pitched in 2 assists for the team! On defense, seniors Peyton Graham and Victoria Saine picked up 1 ground ball each to keep possession, with Graham also snagging 2 interceptions along with senior Georgia Chapman! Freshman Olivia Zvanut was another notable defender who made some noise with 1 ground ball and 1 intercepted pass! Sophomore goalie Aubrey Hamm had some major saves on the night, proving herself to be an essential asset for the Lady Knights’ defense!

MVPs of the night were freshman Ava Purser, sophomore Jordan Cornellier and junior Meredith Bordeaux. Purser has been a consistent player all season, notably on attack with the versatility to play midfield as well, however, what shined through today was her hustle on the field as she picked up 6 crucial ground balls to keep the Lady Knights in possession! Cornellier is a standout defender for the Lady Knights and shows immense leadership on and off the field. Tonight she fielded one ground ball but ultimately did so much more for the team than stats can show as she encouraged everyone to come together to hustle through the game! Bordeaux has been an important asset for the Lady Knights as she takes many of the draws during games. Her control of 5 draws on the night made the team able to get momentum, along with her great eye for the field that allowed her to pitch in 3 assists and score a goal for herself! 

4/4/22:  LNC 7 - Christ the King 16
The Lady Knights fought hard and together as they took on CTK at home, but unfortunately that was not shown in the final score. However, they have a lot to celebrate, as they were able to improve from the last time that they took on the Crusaders and they showed impeccable team chemistry in selfless plays.
In midfield, senior co-captain Mary Sorvillo dominated the draw, controlling 5 on the night to match her 5 fielded ground balls, alongside the 1 caused turnover and 3 points she put up for the Lady Knights (2 assists and 1 goal)! Junior Meredith Bordeaux controlled 2 draws for possession along with fielding 3 ground balls and pitching in 1 assist! Junior co-captain Gaby Bernardo controlled 2 draws to match her 2 goals scored for the Lady Knights along with 1 assist and 5 fielded ground balls for possession! 
On attack, senior co-captain Bryn Shepler redefended hard, intercepting 2 passes, fielding 3 ground balls, and racking up a total of 4 points for the team (assisting 1 shot and taking 3 for herself)! Freshman Ava Purser also pitched in 1 goal for the Knights on a fast break!
Defense played hard, with defenders Jordan Cornellier, Olivia Zvanut, Georgia Chapman, and Hannah Vance all fielding 1 ground ball, along with senior rookie Victoria Saine who picked up 2 to help keep possession! 
The MVPs of the night were senior Morgan Thomas, freshman Alexsis Roop and sophomore Aubrey Hamm. Thomas drove hard to goal on attack but ultimately shined on defense for the night, showcasing her versatility as a player and leader on the team! Roop showcased excellent hustle on the redefend, even coming up with a ground ball that kept the Lady Knights in possession at a critical point in the game! Lastly, but certainly not least, Hamm had an extremely impressive 65% save percentage for the night, saving 11 shots in goal! 
The Lady Knights still have two more games this week, and if the teamwork we saw in today’s game is testament to their hustle and improvement, then we expect to only see more great things from this team! 

4/4/22:   LNC 13 - Christ the King 7
The Knights were led by Tyler Price with 6 goals, Jack Dalton with 2 goals and 3 assists and Jake Rombough who had 3 goals in the win. Noah McGovern had 12 saves in between the pipes.