Week of August 29

The Lady Knights lost their season opener against Cannon. The ladies won the first set but lost sets 2 and 3. Great effort given by every player!

9/1/22:  LNC 4 - Charlotte Christian 3

Great job from the goal scorers: Shreyas Polishetty, Luke Neilsen, and Jake Taylor. It was an exciting game with an equal number of corner kicks and shots. In goal, Caleb McClanahan made 5 saves to protect the lead. The boys played like a team, fought hard and deserved the win. 

8/30/22:  LNC 0 - Cannon 4
Everyone worked hard on a very, very hot field! The defense held Cannon scoreless in the first half. Sean Byrne had a great game at central defense beside Graham Booker. LNC had 9 goal kicks which shows how well they defended. The midfield players had a lot to do. Special thanks to Caleb Smith and Liam Hart for their hard work. Though we lost the game 0-4, the final score did not reflect the match. Good job team. .

The MS runners had a great start to their season at McAlpine Park; both boys and girls placed 2nd. As hot as it was, we were able show that our team was ready for the challenge. We have to give it up to our top performers:  Jonah White, Garrett Lasarsky, and Devin Chiu received 4th, 12th and 19th place, respectively.  Emma Nelson, Mary Caroline Williams and Campbelle Cyrus took 2nd, 11th and 15th places.

9/1/22:  LNC 6 - Charlotte Christian 3
The Lady Knights won the match coming out of singles action with a 5-1 lead. At No. 1, Kate Champion, dominated her opponent 8-2. At No. 2, Tanvi Prabhu, won 8-6. At No. 4, Pranati Kakani came from behind to beat her opponent 9-7. At No. 5, Evie Niemeyer won the tie breaker and the match 8-8 (8-6). Lastly, Karalyn King won 8-6 at the No. 6 seed.

Sarah Busse and Aishwarya Arulprakasam, teamed up at No. 3 doubles and beat their opponent 8-6. Sanvi Nethikunta and Avery Wells both played exhibition singles matches. Sanvi won 8-4 and Avery won 8-2. Way to go Knights!


  1. Kate Champion    8-2
  2. Tanvi Prabhu        8-6
  3. Sanvi Nethikunta  6-8
  4. Pranati Kakani      9-7
  5. Evie Niemeyer      8-8 (8-6)
  6. Karalyn King         8-6


  1. Evie Niemeyer/Emily Barry    7-9
  2. Vaishnavi Divyakola/Karalyn King   5-8
  3. Sarah Busse/Aishwarya Arulprakasam   8-6

8/30/22:  LNC 1 - Cannon 8
Sanvi Nethikunta and Pranati Kakani played extremely well at No. 2 doubles and won their match 8-1. The entire team played hard. Many girls were able to play exhibition matches. Sarah Busse and Aishwarya Arulprakasam won their doubles match 8-6. Hitee Kakarla and Jude Rodgers were leading their doubles match 7-5 when they were called off the courts due to weather. Below are the final scores:


  1. Tanvi Prabhu   0-8
  2. Sanvi Nethikunta  0-8
  3. Vaish Divyakola  1-8
  4. Pranati Kakani  2-8
  5. Evie Niemeyer  1-8
  6. Karalyn King  3-8


  1. Tanvi Prabhu/Vaish Divyakola  2-8
  2. Sanvi Nethikunta/Pranati Kakani  8-1
  3. Evie Niemeyer/Emily Barry  5-8

8/31/22:  The Knights dropped another conference match at South Rowan in 4 sets with scores of 25-19, 17-25, 21-25 and 20-25.  

8/29/22:  The Lady Knights lost against West Rowan in 4 sets with scores of 19-25, 13-25, 25-22 and 17-25.  They are 0-2 in conference and 2-4 overall. 

8/31/22:  The JV Knights were defeated by South Rowan in 3 sets.  

8/29/22:  The Knights defeated West Rowan in 2 sets with scores of 25-23 and 25-15.

9/1/22:  LNC 9 - West Rowan 0
The Lady Knights remain undefeated with a record of 7-0.

8/30/22:  LNC 9 - East Rowan 0

1. Luci Falls def. Audrey Ward 6-0, 6-0.
2. Ananya Sriram def.Jaylen Jones 6-0, 6-0.
3. Eleina Moon def. Abbey Jarem  6-2, 6-0.
4. Aileen Huynh def. Tatum James 6-0, 6-1.
5. Sophia Phillips def. Brida Wembolva 6-0, 6-0.
6. Forfeited by ER

1. Falls/Sriram def. Ward/Jones 8-0.
2. Bender/Harris def Jarem/James 8-2.
3. Forfeited by ER