Week of December 12

12/12/22:  LNC 21 - Charlotte Christian 24
Our Lady Knights battled it out against the Charlotte Christian Knights. It was a close game the entire time, but unfortunately, our girls just couldn't pull off the win.
LNC points: Kate Champion 8 points, Abby Courtney 5 points, Emma Nelson 4 points, Sam Colantonio 3 points, Vaishnavi Divyakola 1 point

12/12/22:  LNC 48 - Charlotte Christian 36
The Knights got off to a slow start, only scoring 4 points in the first quarter. They came out fired up in the second quarter, playing great defense that sparked a 28–9 run to close the half. In the end, the Knights pulled out the victory with Collin McConneyhead’s 21 points and Isaiah Carter’s 11 points leading the way. 

The Knights remain undefeated after their fourth meet of the season against Gaston High School at the Belmont YMCA with a combined men's and women's score of 223.

Addison Lasarsky (SO), Presley Horton (JR), Peyton Hawkins (FR) won both of their individual races. 

The Knights fought hard during the relay races, which included the following first place results:
Women's 200 Medley Relay:  Addison Garsik (FR), Ariel Warner (FR), Sara Freeman (JR),Lily Lampolsky (JR)
Women's 200 Freestyle Relay:  Peyton Hawkins (FR), Addison Lasarsky (SO), Kristina Rooney (JR),  Presley Horton (JR)
Men's 200 Freestyle Relay:  Kyle Hawkins (SR), Ethan Hill (SO), James Burroughs (JR), Devin Buckler (SR)
Women's 400 Freestyle Relay:  Peyton Hawkins (FR), Addison Lasarsky (SO), Kristina Rooney (JR),  Presley Horton (JR)

12/16/22:  LNC 59 - Carson 30
LNC points: Kailyn Kilpatrick 17, Reece Long 17, Jade Taylor 9, Jenna Mostert 7, Julia Zelando 4, Caroline Mercuri 3, Kayla Patel 2

12/13/22:  LNC 64 - Concord 24
LNC points: Reece Long 16, Callie Genece 12, Julia Zelando 11, Kailyn Kilpatrick 9, Jenna Mostert 8, Caroline Mercuri 4, Lucy Courtney 3, Rhyan Pendergrass 1

12/16/22:  LNC 62 -  Carson 49
LNC points:  James Carswell 18, Isaiah Martino 17, Charlie Fox 8, Jay Morgan 8, Julian Johnson 6, Tommy Fox 3, Braylon Irelan 2

12/13/22:  LNC 64 - Concord 76
LNC points:  Jay Morgan 21, James Carswell 18, Owen Lay 12, Isaiah Martino 11, Julian Johnson 2