Week of August 30

Girls' tennis hosted Covenant Day. The team played so hard but ultimately lost 2-7. Our two wins came from No. 1 Singles - Eleina Moon who won 8-3, and No.1 Doubles - Eleina and Kate Champion who shut out their opponent 8-0. Several players were able to play exhibition matches as well. Pranati Kakani won her exhibition match 6-4. Way to go girls!
1. Eleina Moon 8-3
2. Kate Champion 6-8
3. Tanvi Prabhu 3-8
4. Pranati Kakani 0-8
5. Evie Niemeyer 0-8
6. Maura Zaccarelli 0-8

1. Moon/Champion 8-0
2. Prabhu/Niemeyer 2-8
3. Zaccarelli/Averi Buckler 0-8

The girls hosted Charlotte Christian, but the match was ended early due to rain. No.1 doubles and No. 3 doubles were leading when the match was called. Congratulations to Maura Zaccarelli and Averi Buckler, who were leading 5 - 1. While we lost, all the girls are feeling more confident in their play and improving each day. 

1. Eleina Moon  3-8
2. Kate Champion  1-8
3. Tanvi Prabhu  1-8
4. Pranati Kakani   0-8
5. Evie Niemeyer   1-8
6. Maura Zaccarelli  3-8

1. Moon/Champion  4-1
2. Prabhu/Niemeyer  1-4
3. Zaccarelli/Averi Buckler  5-1

The girls' tennis team had their first home match today. They played so hard but lost 0-9. In No. 1 doubles, Eleina Moon and Kate Champion played so many close games but came up short losing 5-8. 

1. Eleina Moon  1-8
2. Kate Champion  0-8
3. Tanvi Prabhu  2-8
4. Pranati Kakani  0-8
5. Evie Niemeyer  0-8
6. Maura Zaccarelli  1-8   

1. Moon/Champion  5-8
2. Prabhu/Niemeyer  1-8
3. Zaccarelli/Averi Buckler  1-8

The Knights had a tough loss against Pine Lake Prep. After getting down 28-6 in the first half, we played extremely well in the second half, only giving up 8 points while also putting up 8 points on the board ourselves. Back to practice tomorrow with a focus on continued improvement.

In the boys' soccer game with Covenant Day, the score was 2-1 at half time showing great improvement from their first two games. Outstanding performances and hustle from Brooks Cooper and the goal scorer Shreyas Polishetty kept the game close. Honorable mentions for players Zane Metz, Jake Wasnyiak and Alex Moreau who had strong performances. In the second half Covenant Day outscored the Knights to take the win. The final score was 6-1.


The game was a defensive battle with great games from both goalkeepers. Zane Metz and Asher Little had 17 shots fired at them. Liam Cuis and Jake Wozniak also had outstanding games. They demonstrated an excellent workrate the entire game. The final score was 6-0. Despite the loss, the boys are developing as a team, showing signs of improvement and they did not give up the entire game.  

The Lady Knights played their best game yet, but fell short in the 3rd set, losing to Covenant Day and bringing their record to 3-1. It was a slow start for the team at the beginning and they lost the first set 23-25. The girls fought back hard and won the second set but fell short in the third set 19-21.

The MS Lady Knights defeated Charlotte Christian on Tuesday, winning the first set 25-6 and winning the second set 25-23. Isabella Thamodhoran greatly improved with her serves. Rachel McLaine remained consistent in the back row with her defense providing great passes. The girls’ record is now 3-0!

The MS Lady Knights defeated Holy Trinity, improving their record to 2-0. The girls won the first set 25-11 and won the second set 25-22. Claire Fogarty and Camila Suarez-Villanueva earned the team many points with their non-returnable serves in both sets. Danielle Lewis and Lydia Chambers played big in the front row providing several blocks. Great win ladies! 

North Lincoln High School scored in the last 10 minutes of the game to lift them over the Knights in the men’s soccer grudge match. This 0-1 loss takes the LNC Knights to 1-2-1 on the season. Outstanding performances on the field include junior Jake Magnusson and senior Mitchell Tucci on the attack, while senior Arie Conder played a fantastic game in the backfield. 


The Lady Knights fell to West Rowan in 3 sets in a tough conference match with scores of 16-25, 19-25 and 13-25. The Knights are now 1-1 in conference and 4-1 overall.

JV Knights won in 2 sets with scores of 25-22 and 25-21. They are now 2-0 in conference and 5-0 overall.

The Lady Knights won their first conference match of the season against East Rowan in 4 sets with scores of 23-25, 25-13, 25-17 and 25-18. We were led by Sarah Turner with 3 aces, 7 blocks and 13 kills, followed by Reece Shore with 2 aces and 14 kills and Rachel Turner with 2 aces and 10 kills. Nyla Smith had 24 digs for the match followed by Cadee Pierce with 14 digs and 49 assists. Jayla Holcomb and Rachel Turner both had 11 digs. The Knights are now 1-0 in conference and 4-0 overall.

JV also won their first conference match with scores of 25-19 and 25-16. They too are 1-0 in conference and 4-0 overall.