Week of January 9

1/10/23: LNC 86 - South Rowan 41
LNC points: Isaiah Martino 15, Julian Johnson 12, Braylon Irelan 10, James Carswell 10, Jay Morgan 9, Garson Long 8, Brady Kester 7, Charlie Fox 6, Jake Borcich 4, Tommy Fox 3, Christian Virgilio

1/9/23:  LNC 67 - Pine Lake Prep 56
LNC points:  Charlie Fox 13, Julian Johnson 12, Jay Morgan 10, Isaiah Martino 10, Braylon Irelan 9, Brady Kester 7, James Carswell 6

1/13/23:  LNC 43 - Northwest Cabarrus 47
LNC points:  Reece Long 19, Julia Zelando 6, Rachel Turner 5, Kailyn Kilpatrick 4, Brooklin Leak 4, Jenna Mostert 3, Jade Taylor 2

1/10/23:  LNC 60 - South Rowan 24
LNC points:  Callie Genece 13, Jenna Mostert 11, Jade Taylor 11, Lucy Courtney 7, Reece Long 7, Julia Zelando 4, Rachel Turner 2, Kayla Patel 2, Kailyn Kilpatrick 2, Rhyan Pendergrass 1
Jade Taylor Double Double  

1/9/23:  LNC 63 -  Pine Lake Prep 43
LNC points:  Jade Taylor 20, Reece Long 13, Jenna Mostert 7, Kayla Patel 7, Kailyn Kilpatrick 6, Callie Genece 4, Rhyan Pendergrass 4, Julia Zelando 2
Jade Taylor:  Double Double

1/10/23:  Swim team wrapped up their regular season with a win against South Rowan High School & Carson High School. The Knights took first place in all of their relays & Presley Horton (JR), Kristina Rooney (JR), Kyle Hawkins (SR), James Burroughs (JR) won both of their individual races. The team also celebrated the senior swimmers: Devin Buckler, Ethan Hill & Kyle Hawkins. 

The Knights won points for the team in every event:

Women's 200 Medley Relay:  
1st Place - Addison Garsik (FR), Peyton Hawkins (FR), Addison Lasarsky (SO), Krisitna Rooney(JR)
3rd Place - M.E Hack (JR), Claire Fogarty (FR), Eleanor Burdette (SO), Avery Newsome (FR)

Men's 200 Medley Relay:  
1st place - Neil Hart (FR), Ethan LIcata (SO), Channing Scott (SO), Jack Rodgers (SO)
2nd Place - Carter Hall (SO), Eric Robertson (FR), Charlie Arning (FR), Carter Dubiel (JR)

Women's 200 Freestyle:
1st place - Lily Yampolsky (JR)
2nd Place - Sara Freeman (FR)

Men's 200 Freestyle:
1st Place - Kyle Hawkins (SR)
2nd Place - Alex Seymour (SO

Women's 200 IM:
1st Place - Presley Horton (FR)
2nd Place - Addison Lasarsky (SO)

Men's 200 IM:
1st Place - Ethan Hill (SR)
2nd Place - Neil Hart (FR)

Women's 50 Freestyle:
1st Place - Kristina Rooney (JR)
3rd Place - Peyton Hawkins (FR)

Men's 50 Freestyle:
1st Place - James Burroughs (JR)
2nd Place - Devin Buckler (SR)

Women's 100 Fly:
1st Place - Addison Lasarsky (SO)
2nd Place - Eleanor Burdette (SO)

Men's 100 Fly:
1st Place - Channing Scott (SO)
2nd Place - Ethan Licata (SO

Women's 100 Freestyle:
1st Place - Kristina Rooney (JR)
2nd Place - Lily Yamplosky (FR)

Men's 100 Freestyle:
1st Place - James Burroughs (JR)
2nd Place - Ethan Hill (SR)
3rd Place - Carter Dubiel (JR)

Men's 500 Freestyle:
1st Place - Carter Hall (SO)
2nd Place - Eric Robertson (FR)

Women's 200 Freestyle Relay:
1st Place - Presley Horton (JR), Lily Yampolsky (JR),  Addison Lasarsky (SO), Kristina Rooney (JR)
3rd Place - Anika Mohapatra (FR), Addie Lord (SO), Eleanor Burdette (SO), Sara Freeman (JR)
Men's 200 Freestyle Relay:  
1st Place - Kyle Hawkins (SR), Ethan Hill (SO)James Burroughs (JR), Devin Buckler (SR)
2nd Place- Carter Dubiel (JR), Neil Hart (FR), Ethan Licata (SO), Jack Rodgers (SO)

Women's 100 Backstroke:
1st Place - Presley Horton (JR)
2nd Place - Avery Newsome (FR)

Men's 100 Backstroke:
1st Place - Kyle Hawkins (SR)
2nd Place - Neil Hart (FR)

Women's 100 Breaststroke:
1st Place - Peyton Hawkins (FR)

Men's 100 Breaststroke:
1st Place - Devin Buckler (SR)
2nd Place - Ethan Licata (SO)
3rd Place - Eric Robertson (FR)

Women's 400 Freestyle Relay: 
1st Place - Presley Horton (JR), Sara Freeman (JR), Lily Yampolsky(JR), Peyton Hawkins (FR)
3rd Place - Avery Newsome (FR), Anika Mohapatra (FR), M.E Hack (JR), Addison Garsik (FR)

Men's 400 Freestyle Relay:
1st Place - Kyle Hawkins (SR), Ethan Hill (SR), James Burroughs (JR), Devin Buckler (SR)
2nd Place - Alex Seymour (SO), Channing Scott (SO), Charlie Arning (FR), Carter Hall (SO)