Week of January 23

1/27/23: LNC 64 - East Rowan 35
LNC points:  Kailyn Kilpatrick 23, Brooklin Leak 14, Jade Taylor 8, Reece Long 8, Julia Zelando 8, Kayla Patel 3
Kailyn Kilpatrick career high points (23)

LNC 63 - Carson 25
LNC points: Kailyn Kilpatrick 18, Reece Long 13, Jade Taylor 11, Brooklin Leak 10, Lucy Courtney 4, Callie Genece 4, Jenna Mostert 3
Jade Taylor - Double Double

1/27/23:  LNC 72 - East Rowan 46
LNC points:  James Carswell 23, Brady Kester 12, Isaiah Martino 11, Julian Johnson 11, Braylon Irelan 6, Charlie Fox 3, Garson Long 2, Tommy Fox 2, Owen Lay 2

1/24/23:  LNC 68 - Carson 50
LNC points:  Isaiah Martino 27, Charlie Fox 16, Braylon Irelan 8, Julian Johnson 8, James Carswell 6, Brady Kester 3

Recently, the LNC divers competed in their conference meet at HFFA. We are very proud of our Knights and their accomplishments. Results are as follows:

Men’s diving
1st place - Hayden Schroeder

Women’s diving
1st place - Madi Varnum
2nd place - Kate Shepherd

The dive team heads to regionals next!  

Congratulations to the team on a fantastic South Piedmont 3A Conference meet!  The Knights are the combined, overall Conference Champs!  Way to go!  The boys took first place with 406 points, the girls took 2nd with 291.50 points, and overall the Knights won first place with a combined total of 697.50 points.

A special congratulations goes to the men's 200 Freestyle Relay for breaking the South Piedmont Conference record today with a time of 1:32.47!  Those swimmers include:  Kyle Hawkins (SR), Devin Buckler (SR), Jay Burroughs (JR) and Ethan Hill (SR). What an amazing accomplishment by our guys! 

Several swimmers brought in their best times today.  The following swimmers automatically earned a place at regionals on 2/3/23:
Devin Buckler (SR)
Kyle Hawkins (SR)
Ethan Hill (SR)
Jay Burroughs (JR)
Sara Freeman (JR)
Presley Horton (JR)
Kristina Rooney (JR)
Lily Yampolsky (JR)
Carter Hall (SO)
Addison Lasarsky (SO)
Ethan Licata (SO)
Jack Rodgers (SO)
Channing Scott (SO)
Alex Seymour (SO)
Charlie Arning (FR)
Addison Garsik (FR)
Neil Hart (FR)
Peyton Hawkins (FR)
Eric Robertson (FR)

Women's 200 Medley Relay:  
2nd place - Addison Garsik (FR), Presley Horton (JR), Addison Lasarsky (SO), Krisitna Rooney(JR)
7th place - Anika Mohapatra (FR), Ariel Warner (FR), Eleanor Burdette (SO), M. E Hack (JR)

Men's 200 Medley Relay:  
2nd place - Neil Hart (FR), Ethan LIcata (SO), Channing Scott (SO), Jack Rodgers (SO)
4th place - Carter Hall (SO), Eric Robertson (FR), Charlie Arning (FR), Keegan Coffey (JR)

Women's 200 Freestyle:
3rd place - Sara Freeman (JR)
4th place - Lily Yampolsky (JR)
12th place - Anika Mohapatra (FR)

Men's 200 Freestyle:
3rd place - Kyle Hawkins (SR)
4th place - Alex Seymour (SO)
6th place - Channing Scott (SO)

Women's 200 IM:
1st place - Presley Horton (JR)
3rd place - Addison Lasarsky (SO)
10th place - Ariel Werner (FR)

Men's 200 IM:
2nd place - Ethan Hill (SR)
3rd place - Ethan Licata (SO)
4th place - Carter Hall (SO)

Women's 50 Freestyle:
3rd place - Kristina Rooney (JR)
4th place - Peyton Hawkins (FR)

Men's 50 Freestyle:
2nd place - James Burroughs (JR)
6th place - Jack Rodgers (SO)
11th place - Carter Dubiel (JR)

Women's 100 Fly:
3rd place - Addison Lasarsky (SO)
10th place - Eleanor Burdette (SO)

Men's 100 Fly:
4th place - Channing Scott (SO)
5th place - Neil Hart (FR)
6th place - Charlie Arning (FR)

Women's 100 Freestyle:
2nd place - Kristina Rooney (JR)
5th place - Lily Yamplosky (FR)
11th place - Avery Newsome (FR)

Men's 100 Freestyle:
1st place - Devin Buckler (SR)
2nd place - James Burroughs (JR)
4th place - Alex Seymour (SO)

Women's 500 Freestyle:
3rd place - Sara Freeman (JR)
4th place - Addison Garsik (FR)
12th place - Addie Lord (SO)

Men's 500 Freestyle:
3rd place - Carter Hall (SO)
4th place - Jack Rodgers (SO)
5th place - Ethan Hill (SR)

Women's 200 Freestyle Relay:
2nd place - Peyton Hawkins (FR),Addison Lasarsky (SO), Lily Yampolsky (JR), Sara Freeman (JR)
9th place - Avery Newsome (FR), Anika Mohapatra (FR), Eleanor Burdette (SO), M.E Hack (JR)

Men's 200 Freestyle Relay: 
1st place - Kyle Hawkins (SR),Devin Buckler (SR), James Burroughs (JR),Ethan Hill (SR)
4th place- Keegan Coffey (JR), Alex Seymour (SO), Ethan Licata (SO), Carter Dubiel (JR)

Women's 100 Backstroke:
7th place -  Addison Garsik (FR)
10th place - Anika Mohapatra (FR)

Men's 100 Backstroke:
3rd place - Kyle Hawkins (SR)
4th place - Neil Hart (FR)
7th place - Charlie Arning (FR)

Women's 100 Breaststroke:
2nd place - Presley Horton (JR)
4th place - Peyton Hawkins (FR)
8th place - Ariel Werner (FR)

Men's 100 Breaststroke:
2nd place - Devin Buckler (SR)
4th place - Ethan Licata (SO)
6th place - Eric Robertson (FR)

Women's 400 Freestyle Relay: 
3rd place - Kristina Rooney (JR), Lily Yampolsky(JR), Peyton Hawkins (FR), Presley Horton (JR)
7th place - Avery Newsome (FR),Addison Garsik (FR), Ariel Werner (FR), Sara Freeman (JR) 

Men's 400 Freestyle Relay:
2nd place  - Kyle Hawkins (SR), Ethan Hill (SR), James Burroughs (JR), Devin Buckler (SR)
5th place -  Charlie Arning (FR), Channing Scott (SO), Jack Rodgers (SO), Alex Seymour (SO)