AP Offerings and Summer Assignments

  • In the 2022-2023 school year, 82.1% of our students taking AP examinations earned proficient scores or higher.

    • Calculus (AB)

    • Statistics

    • Biology

    • Chemistry 

    • Environmental Science

    • Physics

    • Studio Art (2D, 3D & Drawing)
  • AP courses are taught as university courses and students are allowed to take the College Board AP Examination in May to earn college credit. The pace of the coursework and amount of work is consistent with college level expectations. Students must demonstrate a high ability and maturity to receive approval to qualify to take an AP course. Students can potentially earn college credit if they demonstrate mastery as determined by the post-secondary institution they choose to attend after graduation. For students who entered 9th grade in 2014 or earlier, AP courses receive two additional quality points in calculated weighted GPA. Effective with the freshman class of 2015-16, AP courses receive one additional quality point in calculating weighted GPA.
    LNC offers 32 honors level courses in which the content, pace, and academic rigor surpass the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. We also participate in the Career and College Promise program where students can earn college level credit by being dually enrolled at LNC and Central Piedmont Community College.