• What is 1:World?

    We often see a one-device-per-one-student technology program referred to as 1:1. However, it is incomplete to think about and frame our technology initiative in terms of only the student and the device. Actually, the true power of 1:1 is the ability of every student to connect to the greater world, with the device simply serving as the conduit for doing so.

    What is Schoology?

    It is a comprehensive learning management system that allows parents to view their children's courses, upcoming work, teacher messages and grades. It eliminates the need to log into multiple places to find this important information. Log into Schoology here.

    Why 1:World?

    As a college-preparatory school, we must:

    • Ensure that all of our graduates are technology literate and ready for the experience and expectations they will encounter in post-secondary institutions.

    • Educate and reinforce Digital Citizenship throughout the curriculum so that our students can safely and appropriately navigate their digital world.

    • Enrich our students’ learning environment by expanding their classroom from 4 walls and a traditional textbook to a dynamic and interactive global educational experience. For example, the devices:
      • Provide a plethora of dynamic information at students’ fingertips.
      • Enable students to take an active role in learning, i.e., to actively do instead of passively read.
      • Allow students to interact and collaborate with peers and experts both locally and world-wide.