HS Laptop Annual Technology Co-Pay

  • Please use the button below to pay the parent portion of the annual technology co-pay by the following dates to guarantee students receive their laptops on-time: 

    • Rising 9th grade students by Monday, July 25 (before Freshman kick-off)
    • Rising 10th through 12th grade students by Wednesday, August 3 (before laptop distribution day)

    **Note This Important Information** In order for your student to be marked as PAID, the North Carolina-assigned student ID number is mandatory. Please type the CORRECT Student ID # and grade before completing the transaction.

    If you do not know your student's North Carolina-assigned student ID number, you can: 1- ask your student (all students know their student ID number) or 2- the NC-assigned student ID number can be found on your student's report card beside their name. If you are new to LNC and come from a public school, the Student ID number is the same from your previous school. If you are new to LNC and do not have a Student ID #, please type "new student."

    If your rising 9th grader is attending Freshman Kickoff, this co-pay MUST be paid in order for your student to take their laptop home with them. Freshman Kickoff will be held starting July 26 - August 1. Click here if you have not signed up. 

    Laptop distribution day will be held on Thursday, August 4 for rising 10th through 12th grade students to pick up their laptop. If you are not able to pick up your laptop on that day, you will receive it on the first day of school, August 11, as long as payment has been made. 

    Thank you!