• Did you know ...

    • LNC does not receive ANY money from the $2.5 billion school bond that was passed by Mecklenburg County voters in November?

    • Charter schools in Mecklenburg County are NOT funded the same as the CMS schools?

    In fact:


    So how DOES LNC fill this funding gap?

  • Instead of asking students to sell gift wrap, fruit or discount cards, with a percentage of the proceeds going to a "middleman,"    

    we choose to PARTNER with PARENTS, where 100% of gifts go to YOUR students

    LNC was started in 1998 by a group of strong parents who wanted an exceptional educational experience for their children. Their legacy continues as, year after year, LNC parents continue to build upon the foundation they established and fund improvements that benefit your children today and the next generation of children to come.

    It is this "pay it forward" attitude of trust and parent partnership that enabled LNC to expand classroom facilities, create student-friendly collaboration areas, improve campus security and carpool, and build top notch athletic facilities. Now, we ask parents to consider the value of their child's educational experience at LNC, how their children have benefitted from the generosity and vision of the parents who preceeded them, and the legacy they want to leave for the children who will follow and partner with us to continue LNC's excellence.

  • Since 2015, parent partnership has enabled LNC to build or obtain:  

    Knights Fieldhouse (2023)
    Knights Press Box (2021)
    Knights Track & Field (2020)
    Relocated & secured MS front office (2020)
    Expanded MS instruction spaces (2020)
    New main campus drive & MS event parking lot (2020)
    LNC Elementary School (2019)
    Upgraded campus security cameras (2019)
    HS Vestibule to secure front office (2018)
    HS Student Commons aka Knights Knook (2018)
    MS Production Studio (2018)
    MS Digital Citizenship Classroom (2018)
    Comfy sofas & chairs in HS classrooms (2017)
    Modular Classroom Furniture at MS (2017)
    LNC Athletic Fields at ES campus (2016)
    New Buses for athletics, field trips (2016)
    Teacher Professional Development (2016-2019)
    Rear Main Campus Entrance (2015)