Student Parking Passes

  • Parking Distribution Update

    1st Semester Parking 2020-2021

    Due to the limited number of students that will be on campus on any given day, we are handling parking passes differently this semester.  For the rest of the 1st semester, parking will be assigned by lot not numbered space.  In order to assign evenly by lot, students that signed up for a pass in May should have received an email from Mrs. Norris on Monday, October 5th with a survery that must be completed.  Parking will be free for this semester and no forms will be collected at this time.



    Parking Pass Lottery

    Student parking passes are determined by lottery. Each May, students enter the lottery for a parking pass for the next school year by signing up in the high school office. Seniors are given first priority. Then any available spaces will be for Juniors (those who are taking CPCC courses are given priority) and then to Sophomores.

    2020-2021 Parking Pass

    Distribution Date: October 14 from 9 to noon in the HS Courtyard


  • Parking Pass Privileges (High School)

    • At semester end, student drivers are required to be passing all of their classes and have at least a 2.0 semester GPA.
    • Any out of school suspensions or multiple violations of the Honor Code or Student Behavior Code may result in immediate loss of driving privileges for the remainder of the semester.
    • Driving to school/parking pass privileges may be revoked for more than a semester if deemed necessary by the LNC administration.
    • Student drivers are required to bring a copy of their most recent report card to the office when requesting/renewing a parking pass.
    • Student drivers are required to provide a copy of proof of insurance for the car or cars they will use while parking on campus.
    • Student drivers are required to have a valid driver’s license.
    • Student drivers are required to purchase a $50 per semester parking pass.  Payment must be made online using the HS PayPal Portal.  The PayPal Portal will open on August 1st.  Parking pass fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. There is a $10 charge to replace a lost pass.
    • Parking passes will not be given to any student who has an outstanding financial obligation.
    • If a student participates in a carpool, all students who are driving must meet the eligibility requirements and be registered with the high school office with proper documentation.