Leadership in Action™

  • #1. CHOOSE – teaching the students to choose their attitude, actions and moods. Supporting the choice to learn and grow. Choosing how they respond to others. To act with enthusiasm and purpose.

    #2. PLAN – teaching them to set goals and make plans. Learning that plans may not work and that we must be creative and adaptive to design new plans until the goal is met.

    #3. PRIORITIZE - teaching students to work first and then play. Allowing them to follow the steps to complete a task. Demonstrating personal accountability and following things through with integrity.

    #4. COMPROMISE – teaching students to balance courage to get what they want with consideration for others. Search for a win-win solution. Encouraging the use of problem solving and critical thinking skills.

    #5. LISTEN – teaching them to listen without interrupting. Encouraging them to listen with an open heart and mind and respect other’s viewpoints. Working to develop empathy, humility and compassion.

    #6. SYNERGY – teaching students about teamwork (together is better). Letting them learn to value other’s strengths and ideas. Developing communication and collaboration skills.

    #7. BALANCE – teaching students how to learn in different ways. Placing value on developing heart, mind, soul and brain. Emphasis on confidence to be a leader and develop their sense of self.