Elementary School Curriculum

  • Lake Norman Charter follows the North Carolina State Curriculum. Teachers supplement the standard state curriculum with innovative practice and greater depth of knowledge. At the elementary school, students have blocks of time dedicated to literacy and math instruction. Literacy is taught in a balanced approach through phonics and reading foundations, reading and listening comprehension, writing processes and composition along with writing mechanics and grammar. Math is taught through a balance of creative problem solving and skill practice. Our approach prepares students as they move along to more abstract math concepts.

    Science and social studies follow the Essential Standards of the North Carolina State Curriculum as an integral part of the program that incorporates reading, writing, vocabulary and math skills. In addition to the core academics, students participate in physical education, art, music, media center and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) each week.

    Homework at the elementary school is commensurate with students' age and grade level and provides practice with skills students are learning in class. Schoology and your child’s planner is your parent resource for homework expectations and assignments. Our goal is to only give homework that is of quality and directly tied to the instruction in the classroom. We know that further repetition leads to true understanding and comprehension.

  • ES Classroom


    ES Classroom