Invest in Excellence

  • We ask our families to thoughtfully and carefully consider what their child’s LNC education is worth. Is your student’s education worth $50 per month, $600 per year, less than $2 a day?

    Remember, unlike many schools, LNC does not ask you to buy (and sell!) coupon books, oranges, wrapping paper, cookie dough and the like! We believe using 100% of your donation for our student’s educational experience, not padding a middleman’s pocket, makes the most sense.

    As you can see from the graph below, not every student is funded equally, which means LNC must do more with less. Extra items beyond the text books and teachers will only happen with our parents’ partnership. We need every LNC family to participate in our 2017-18 Invest in Excellence Campaign so we can provide these extras for our students. These extras – a state-of-the-art “Learning Commons,” a HS Student Union and math enrichment – are what set LNC apart.

               Public School Student                                     CMS Student                                       LNC student

                   $11,840                                             $8,740                                            $7,240
     Average funds received per                           Average funds received                              Funds received              
    public school student in U.S.                             per CMS
     student                               per LNC student

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2017-2018 Goals

      It is important to invest in projects such as these so that our existing staff and students are benefiting from the growth of LNC as a leader in 21st century learning. Students need to have access to environments where they can be active in the learning process and where classes and teachers can collaborate comfortably without being constrained by the resources and space available within the classroom.
      Marianne Rogowski, Media Specialist

      "Our students are most comfortable learning and studying outside of the classroom in modern learning spaces.  Learning spaces include alternative seating, comfortable couches, and modern furniture.  These learning spaces encourage collaboration, while providing students comfortable spaces for critical-thinking and creativity.  Some of our teachers have incorporated alternative seating within their classrooms and students appreciate the non-traditional setting for learning."
      Craig Smith, HS Principal

      "As a school we must improve our students’ math confidence and abilities to ready them for the competitive college and career world that they will encounter after leaving LNC. Expanding Mr. Kendrick’s Math Club concept to more students of all skill levels will change students’ attitudes toward math, reduce the math intimidation factor and show our students that math can be fun.” 
      Cherie Graham, MS Principal



    If all 1,188 LNC families pull together, there is no telling to what heights we can elevate our school! Please make supporting your student’s school one of your TOP 3 CHARITABLE PRIORITIES and give at a level equal to the value you place on your student’s LNC education. 

    LNC is a 501(c)3 and therefore any donation that you make is tax-deductible. If you have any questions regarding making a donation, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Sara Lay at