Thank You

  • for considering donating to Lake Norman Charter. Unlike many schools, LNC does not ask you to buy (and sell!) coupon books, oranges, wrapping paper, cookie dough and the like! We believe using 100% of your donation for our student’s educational experience, not padding a middleman’s pocket, makes the most sense. Please think about the value of the education your student is receiving from LNC and make a donation commensurate with that value and appropriate to your family circumstance.


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    To provide resources to further develop our teachers and attract the best and brightest talent to LNC. Read more

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    Raised over $250,000 and:

    • Built the back entrance to increase safety, relieve congestion on nearby roads and improve carpool
    • Replaced 24 classroom SmartBoards with new models
    • Hired an additional counselor to bring our total counseling staff to 5 with 3 dedicated to our high school, providing both social-emotional and college counseling.



    • Invest in your student’s teachers by providing discipline-specific, professional development, ensuring they remain leaders in their fields ($20,000)
    • Develop athletic practice fields on our elementary school land so we may continue to offer a well-rounded middle and high school experience in spite of our area’s increasingly scarce athletic resources ($60,000)
    • Complete the replacement of aging SmartBoards with newer models and evaluate promising new educational technology ($90,000)
    • Build a solar-powered, outdoor classroom and learning lab on our main campus to be utilized by all LNC students ($80,000)

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    If all 1,282 LNC families pull together, there is no telling to what heights we can elevate our school! Please make supporting your student’s school one of your top 3 charitable priorities and give at a level equal to the value you place on your student’s LNC education.


    Recurring Gift?
    Prefer to give monthly? We encourage recurring gifts and can easily arrange this using a credit card or a checking or savings account. Please complete this form online, print it and send it in to school. Giving monthly is a win-win…it helps us plan ahead and allows you to support your student’s education in a budget-friendly way. Thank you!


    LNC is a 501(c)3 and therefore any donation that you make is tax-deductible. If you have any questions regarding making a donation, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Sara Lay at