Your PTO is excited to host Donuts with a Grown-Up on Tuesday, February 6. In order to accommodate as many families as possible yet still manage numbers, this event will be for students with the last name of A-L. Students (and students with siblings) may bring one grown-up to attend. Please note the following procedures that must be followed for student safety as well as procedural efficiency.

      • Door open at 7:30am and close at 7:45am. No exceptions after 7:45am


      • Please do not arrive on campus before 7:20am. The gates to carpool will be closed.


      • Please park in the carpool lanes. Please use all three lanes. (Yes, you read that correctly…you will be parking in the carpool lanes.)


      • Please do NOT park in the parking lot. (You will be asked to move your car.)


      • Students and their guest must remain in the cafeteria upon entrance to the building until 8:00am. The hallways and classrooms are not open until 8:00am.


      • This is an opportunity to have a sweet treat and some quality time with your child(ren) before the school day begins. This also provides our grown-ups the chance to meet other parents/guests and their student.


      • At 8:00am, parents/guests will be asked to return to their cars ASAP so carpool may begin at 8:05am.


      • Please keep the following in mind when carpool begins at 8:05 as the first cars will be those who attended this event. Your child will already be in the building so you are not required to stop to unload your car as would be the normal morning drop-off procedure. Please proceed through the drop-off lane and we will wave you on through to the exit. (Do NOT use the parking lot or fire lane to get to the exit.)