• The Lake Norman Charter band program begins with the 5th grade. Our 5th grade band is split into two 35 minute elective classes. Students begin with a choice of four different instruments: flute, clarinet, trumpet or trombone. In 6th and 7th grades students may choose to switch or expand into other instruments. In 8th grade band, the students gain more proficiency with their instruments.

    The high school band program is based mainly on performance and participation. All band instruments are available as choices for students to play. A strong emphasis is put on leadership and responsibility. Band is unique in that it is more like a team sport where every participant is important to the overall success of the program.

  • Along with two required concerts a year there is also Jazz, Knight Riders (drumline and pep band) and Classical guitar ensemble after school for those who want a more comprehensive approach to music. Leadership is also developed through my tutoring program where high school students can receive community volunteer hours by teaching 5th and 6th grade students after school.

    All grades perform in two concerts per year, winter and spring. Tutoring is held once a week and high school students tutor middle school students. After school bands consist of:

    • Knight Riders Drumline and Pep Band - 8th grade and high school musicians may participate

    • Jazz Band - 7th grade through high school students may participate

    • Classical Guitar Ensemble - 7th grade through high school musicians may participate