HS Knights News - February 16, 2018

Leadership in Action
We welcomed Olympian and LNC Swim Coach Roy Burch to speak to our sophomores on Wednesday, February 14 about personal accountability. This took place during our Leadership In Action (LIA) period. We are debuting LIA to our freshmen and today they returned to their advisors and cohort to focus on the LIA skills of Integrity and Accountability. Our seniors and juniors were allowed time for college application work such as requesting recommendation letters.





Information Regarding Illness
We would like to remind our families that students should stay home from school during periods of illness. Parents, please use your best judgment if your child is exhibiting symptoms of sickness. Students will not be able to be productive at school if they are sick and not feeling well. Furthermore, they risk infecting other students and staff. Students are given time to make up missed work once they return to school. Please see the related policy below as stated in our Student Handbook.

Please also remind your student to exercise good hygienic practices to reduce spreading germs and to stay healthy, including covering coughs and frequent handwashing.

Make Up Work for Absences
Students are responsible for, and they are permitted to, make up all work missed during absences. All work must be made up within five (5) school days following the student’s return to school unless the teacher or an administrator determines that extenuating circumstances might support an extension of time. The student is responsible for finding out which assignments, quizzes and exams were missed and completing them within the specified time period.

ACT for Juniors
Please be advised that Lake Norman Charter is administering the ACT exam to all juniors on Tuesday, February 27. This is an important test as it is used for college application purposes as well as North Carolina's school accountability program. Students will take the ACT online this year so their laptops must be fully charged. Please make sure that your student gets a good night’s sleep, eats a good breakfast and arrives at school on time. Students need to bring an appropriate calculator and a snack if they choose. Cell phones are prohibited in the testing room and are encouraged to be left at home. Thank you for your support!

This Week in Pictures
See what students, teachers and parents are doing on campus this week!