• Strong family volunteerism has always been a significant reason for the success of Lake Norman Charter. We would not be able to provide our students with the same educational experience without it. In an effort to recognize and encourage these many hours of service, Lake Norman Charter has a Serve10 volunteer program. Built to complement LNC’s motto “Together we learn, lead and serve,” the purpose of Serve10 is to foster and recognize family volunteerism.

    We invite you to join your fellow Charter families by volunteering 10 hours per family, each school year.

    We look forward to continuing the legacy of leading and serving begun by LNC’s founding families. Together, through hard work and dedication, we can ensure Lake Norman Charter continues its tradition of educating our future leaders. 

    Once you sign-up on the sign-up genius (SUG) your volunteer time will be counted towards your family Serve10 hours for the school year. If something is not hyperlinked, there are currently no sign-up opportunities for those events. However, continue to check back as these SUGs are always updating. 

    Thank you parents for ALL you do!   

    We LNC Volunteers


    Thank you to the Families Who Have Completed Their Serve10 Hours