Strategic Areas of Focus

  • To advance our mission, encourage the practice of our core values, and provide the educational program that will instill the necessary attributes in our students, we plan to focus our energy in the following strategic areas:


    Being ready to succeed in college requires much more than simply academic preparation. While a challenging and rigorous academic program will remain central to what we do, we must also embrace and engage all the members of our community in developing the emotional, ethical, and social skills needed to successfully navigate college and life.

    • Define the most pressing issues and priorities within the LNC community, surveying all constituent groups (including alumni) and investigating larger trends across the region and country.
    • Build awareness and cultivate community- wide support for this committee’s efforts and work, highlighting the potential, positive impact on our school’s culture and how we deliver on our mission.
    • Create and initiate pilot programs that enable our administrators, alumni, faculty and staff, parents, and students to experience these concepts and ideas in action. From these pilots, determine what works and what does not and refine for wider distribution and implementation (complete with metrics for success).


    To give students the best chance for success in our current fast-paced and increasingly integrated world, we must expose them to experiences and immerse them in situations that expand their awareness, appreciation, and understanding of cultures, languages, and traditions other than their own.

    • Facilitate teacher programming modules that create alignment and understanding of the LNC values of diversity and inclusion.
    • Continue to develop and deliver consistent, age-appropriate student programming solutions that cultivate an awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion.
    • Research, prioritize and adopt best practices that foster and support a diverse school-wide community.


    Education in the information age requires students who are versed in technology – not only as a tool for research and discovery but also as a platform for expression, innovation, communication, and creativity. As such, LNC seeks to provide appropriate infrastructure and programs to nurture digital agility and further technology competence.

    • Build socially responsible digital citizens with the necessary technology skills and experience to thrive in the collegiate and business environment.
    • Provide options for using technology that integrates the needs of our students and staff with the financial resources of our school community.
    • Develop strategies to stay on the leading edge of technology and innovation, introducing new technologies in a safe digital learning environment.


    The long-term leadership position and sustainability of LNC is more complex than the measurement of academic success. In order to regain the founders’ ideals of community spirit, we must intentionally direct our focus on fostering meaningful relationships with new families and rekindling a shared sense of community and engagement with our existing and past families.

    • Highlight the importance of community and parent involvement in delivering on the school’s mission and as a significant factor in our road to success.
    • Identify the obstacles that are preventing volunteers (i.e. current, new, and prospective families as well as alumni) from committing time. Utilize annual surveys and focus groups for this purpose and determine ways to clear roadblocks.
    • Create subcommittees to highlight our history, to communicate opportunities to serve (and share stories of volunteer service), and to celebrate our 20th anniversary.